Route 2


Location Information
Route 2 Map
Location of route 2 in Kanto.
Connecting locations: ↑North - Pewter City
→East - Diglett's Cave
↓South - Viridian City
Weather: Fine
Kind: Normal
Pokemon on Route Rattata

Pokemon IndepthEdit

  Pokémon     Location     Levels     Rate  
019MS Rattata
Rby grass
2-5 45%
016MS Pidgey
Rby grass
3-5 40%
013MS Weedle
Rby grass
3-5 15%
010MS Caterpie
Rby grass
3-5 15%
029MS Nidoran♀
Rby grass
4-6 15%
032MS Nidoran♂
Rby grass
4-6 15%
004MS Charmander
Rby grass
3-5 15%

Important Locations on RouteEdit


Create a new page for all the Battles that you have with other trainers on this route and battle on that page. If you are battling with a wild pokemon just do it in the comments section

  • None

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