Rock-type Pokémon are affiliated with rocks and mountains.

Rock-type Pokémon should not be confused with Ground-type Pokémon. Rock-types deal with throwing or breaking rocks, while Ground-types deal specifically with the ground itself, particularly soil. However, many Rock Pokémon are also Ground.

Rock-type are used at the Pewter Gym

Unevolved First evolution Second evolution Other type
File:074MS.png Geodude File:075MS.png Graveler File:076MS.png Golem Ground
File:095MS.png Onix
File:111MS.png Rhyhorn File:112MS.png Rhydon Ground
File:138MS.png Omanyte File:139.png Omastar Water
File:140MS.png Kabuto File:141MS.png Kabutops Water
File:142MS.png Aerodactyl Flying

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